Check These Things Out Before You Arrive In Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most-visited tourist places in the world. The city offers the right balance between history, culture, scenic beauty, and immersive experience with its top attractions. Drenched with history, and culture, Istanbul has lots of appealing things to offer. Whether you want to explore the world’s largest Orthodox Cathedral or Topkapi Palace which is known as the residence of Ottoman Sultans, Istanbul is worthy to visit.

The awe-inspiring architectural monuments of this country still represent the culture and legacy of Istanbul. Apart from these, there are numerous exciting things to do in Istanbul. If you are looking for a honeymoon destination for the perfect getaway or a place for an unforgettable vacation or want to explore the history and Culture of the most significant Turkish city, Istanbul will be the perfect destination for you. Definitely, excitement arises in your mind. However, before taking a tour to the thriving metropolis, know a few things to make your Istanbul trip memorable.

• Weather of Istanbul and the best time to visit

For sure, you don’t want to spoil your trip due to the weather. Since Istanbul is a large city, it offers different climates in different areas. The geographical location of the city makes an impact on the overall climate and the climate can be defined as the Mediterranean and humid subtropical. September to November is the autumn months when the weather remains quite pleasant with comfortable temperatures. Therefore, it is considered to be the perfect time to roam around the city and explore its charm.

Instead of autumn, if you visit during the transition period of summer and autumn, you’ll find bright sunny weather with relatively hot sunlight. So, don’t forget to pack bold, stylish & trendy sunglasses.

• The local language

The local Turks are excited and happy to help the tourists. Though they have very limited English vocabulary, yet they follow Turkish-English words. To avoid embarrassing mistakes, download a Turkish-English dictionary onto your smartphone. So, let’s explore Istanbul to discover the hidden attractions of the city.

• The airport

While walking into Ataturk Airport, you might find it too chaotic but the people of Istanbul are basically charming, happy, and welcoming in nature. They come up to meet and greet the tourists which surely will touch your heart with the true feeling of cordial welcome.

Key Takeaway

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